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Discrete Event Systems, Manufacturing Systems, and Communication Networks
IMA Volume 73

ISBN 0-387-97987-5

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Editors: P.R. Kumar and P.P. Varaiya


Markovian fragments: Complete subtheories of COCOLOG theories
P.E. Caines and Y.J. Wei

On-line optimization of queues using infinitesimal perturbation analysis
Edwin K.P. Chong

A new paradigm for stochastic optimization and parallel simulation
Y.C. Ho

Dynamic set-up scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems: Design and stability of near optimal general round Robin policies
Junjie Hu and Michael Caramanis

Homomorphic reduction of coordination analysis
R.P. Kurshan

Discrete--time MARKOV--reward models of production systems
Ranga Mallubhatla, Krishna R. Pattipati, and N. Viswanadham

Modeling real-time systems using rate automata
Jennifer McManis and Pravin Varaiya

Symbolic discrete-event simulation
Sanjai Narain and Ritu Chadha

Decentralized discrete-event systems and computational complexity
Karen Rudie and Jan C. Willems

Starvation-based instability of distributed scheduling policies in on-acyclic fluid and queuing networks
Ali Sharifnia The IMA's Discrete Event Systems, Manufacturing Systems and Communication Networks May 10--14, 1993.

IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications

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