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Apdaptive Control, Filtering and Signal Processing
IMA Volume 74

ISBN 0-387-97988-3

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Editors: K.J. Åström, G.C.Goodwin, and P.R.Kumar


Oscillations in systems with relay feedback
Karl J. Åström

Compatibility of stochastic and worst case system identification: Least squares, maximum likelihood and general cases
Er-Wei Bai and Mark S. Andersland

Some results for the adaptive boundary control of stochastic linear distributed parameter systems
T.E. Duncan

LMS is optimal
Babak Hassibi, Ali H. Sayed, and Thomas Kailath

Adaptive control of nonlinear systems: A tutorial
Ioannis Kanellakopoulos

Design guidelines for adaptive control with application to systems with structural flexibility
Joy H. Kelly and B. Erik Ydstie

Estimation-based schemes for adaptive nonlinear state-feedback control
Miroslav Krstic and Petar V. Kokotovic

An adaptive controller inspired by recent results on learning from experts
P.R. Kumar

Stochastic approximation with averaging and feedback: faster convergence
Harold J. Kushner and Jichuan Yang

Building models from frequency domain data
Lennart Ljung

Supervisory control
A.S. Morse

Potential self-tuning analysis of stochastic adaptive control
Karim Nassiri-Toussi and Wei Ren

Stochastic adaptive control
B. Pasik-Duncan

Optimality of the adaptive controllers
Miloje S. Radenkovic and B. Erik Ydstie

Uncertain real parameters with bounded rate of variation
Anders Rantzer

Averaging methods for the analysis of adaptive algorithms
Victor Solo

A multilinear parametrization approach for identification of partially known systems
Jing Sun

Adaptive filtering with averaging
G. Yin
*The IMA's Adaptive Control, Filtering and Signal Processing workshop was held April 12 -- 16, 1993.

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