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Random Discrete Structures
IMA Volume 76

ISBN 0-387-94623-3

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Editors:David Aldous and Robin Premantle


Probability distributions on cladograms
David Aldous

Stability of self-organizing processes
Robert M. Burton and William G. Faris

Some examples of normal approximations
by Stein's method

Amir Dembo and Yosef Rinott

Large deviations for random
distribution of mass

Amir Dembo and Ofer Zeitouni

Random minimax game trees
Luc Devroye and Olivier Kamoun

Metrics on compositions and coincidences among renewal sequences
Persi Diaconis, Susan Holmes, Svante Janson, Steven P. Lalley,
and Robin Pemantle

The no long odd cycle theorem for completely positive matrices
John H. Drew and Charles R. Johnson

A note on triangle-free graphs
Paul Erd&oumls, Svante Janson, Tomasz Luczak, and Joel Spencer

Intersections and limits of regenerative sets
Bert Fristedt

Random processes of the form Xn + 1 = anXn + bn (mod p)
where bntakes on a single value
Martin Hildebrand

The second moment method, conditioning and

Svante Janson

How fast and where does a random walker move on a random tree?
Russell Lyons

A note on recurrence, amenability, and the universal cover of graphs
Sam Northshield

On which graphs are all random walks in random environments transient?
Robin Pemantle and Yuval Peres

Energy, and intersections of Markov chains
Thomas S. Salisbury

*The IMA's Random Discrete Structures workshop was held November 15--19, 1993.

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