Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Genetic Mapping and DNA Sequencing

IMA Volume 81

ISBN 0-387-94803-1

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Editors: Terry Speed and Michael S. Waterman


An introduction to recombination and linkage analysis
Mary Sara McPeek

Monte Carlo methods in genetic analysis
Shili Lin

Interference, heterogeneity, and disease gene mapping
Bronya Keats

Estimating crossover frequencies and testing for numerical interference with highly polymorphic markers
Jurg Ott

What is a genetic map function?
T.P. Speed

Haplotyping algorithms
Eric Sobel, Kenneth Lange, Jeffrey R. O'Connell, and Daniel E. Weeks

Statistical aspect of trait mapping using a dense set of markers: a partial review
Josée Dupuis

A comparative survey of non-adaptive pooling designs
D.J. Balding, W.J. Bruno, E. Knill, and D.C. Torney

Parsing of genomic graffiti
Clark Tibbetts, James B. Golden, III, and Deborah Torgersen

Assembly of shotgun sequencing data
Xiaoqiu Huang

*The articles in this volume were presented during Weeks 1 and 2 of the IMA's Summer 1994 program on Molecular Biology.

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