Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Classical and Modern Branching Processes

IMA Volume 84

ISBN 0-387-94872-4

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Editors: Krishna B. Athreya and Peter Jagers


Large deviation rates for supercritical and critical branching processes
K.B. Athreya and A.N. Vidyashankar

How fast does a general branching random walk spread?

Boltzmann-Gibbs weights in the branching random walk
B. Chauvin and A. Rouault

Stochastic monotonicity and branching processes
Harry Cohn

Multilevel multitype branching models of an information system
D.A. Dawson and Y. Wu

On the shape of the wavefront of branching random walk
F.M. Dekking and E.R. Speer

Limiting distributions in branching processes with two types of particles
Michael Drmota and Vladimir Vatutin

Depth--first search of random trees, and Poisson point processes
J. Geiger and G. Kersting

Towards dependence in general branching processes
Peter Jagers

A criterion of boundedness of discrete branching random walk
F.I. Karpelevich and Y.M. Suhov

Quasistationarity in a branching model of division-within-division
Marek Kimmel

Population and density dependent branching processes
F.C. Klebaner

Directed polymers in random media and spin glass models on trees
F. Koukiou

A conceptual proof of the Kesten-Stigum theorem for multi-type branching processes
Thomas Kurtz, Russell Lyons, Robin Pemantle, and Yuval Peres

On two measures defined on the boundary of a branching tree
Quansheng Liu and Alain Rouault

Which critically branching populations persist?
J. Alfredo López-Mimbela and Anton Wakolbinger

A simple path to Biggins' martingale convergence for branching random walk
Russell Lyons

Unsolved problems concerning random walks on trees
Russell Lyons, Robin Pemantle, and Yuval Peres

Branching processes with local dependencies
Peter Olofsson

Sharpness of second moment criteria for branching and tree-indexed processes
Robin Pemantle

On the recognition and structure of probability generating functions
Anthony G. Pakes

Record values of a family of branching processes
Ibrahim Rahimov

Limit skeleton for critical crump-mode-Jagers branching processes
Serik Sagitov

Markov cascades
Edward C. Waymire and Stanley C. Williams

Limit theorems for branching processes with random migration stopped at zero
George P. Yanev and Nickolay M. Yanev

*The IMA's workshop on Classical and Modern Branching Processes was held June 13--17 1994.

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