Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Computational Wave Propagation

IMA Volume 86

ISBN 0-387-94874-0

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Editors: Bjorn Engquist and Gregory A. Kriegsmann


On high-order radiation boundary conditions
Thomas Hagstrom

Progressive wave expansions and open boundary problems
T. Hagstrom and S.I. Hariharan

Formulation of spherical near-field scanning in the time domain
Thorkild B. Hansen

Phase-sensitive amplification of pulses in nonlinear optical fibers
William L. Kath

Numerical solution of problems with different time scales II
Heinz-Otto Kreiss

Microwave heating of materials
G.A. Kriegsmann

Control region approximation for electromagnetic scattering computations
Brian J. McCartin

Structural acoustic interactions and on surface conditions
Michael J. Miksis and Lu Ting

Wavefield representation using compact and directionally localized sources
Andrew N. Norris and Thorkild B. Hansen

Modeling sound propagation in the ocean
Michael B. Porter

*The IMA's workshop on Computational Wave Propagation was held September 19--23, 1994.

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