Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Progress in Population Genetics and Human Evolution

IMA Volume 87

ISBN 0-387-94944-5

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Editors: Simon Tavaré and Peter Donnelly


Part I: Early human evolution

Recent African origin of human mitochondrial DNA: Review of the evidence and current status of the hypothesis
Mark Stoneking

Lines of descent from mitochondrial Eve: An evolutionary look at coalescence
Rosalind M. Harding

Phylogeography of human mtDNA: An Amerindian perspective
R.H. Ward

Population structure and modern human origins
Alan R. Rogers

Distribution of pairwise differences in growing populations
Gunter Weiss, Andreas Henking and Arndt von Haeseler

Branching and inference in population genetics
Neil O'Connell

Human demography and the time since mitochondrial Eve
Paul Marjoram and Peter Donnelly

Part II: Molecular techniques and data analysis

Molecular population genetics of a phenotypically monomorphic protein in Drosophila
Stephen W. Schaeffer

Estimation of the amount of DNA polymorphism and statistical tests of the neutral mutation hypothesis based on DNA polymorphism
Fumio Tajima

Computational methods for the coalescent
Robert C. Griffiths and Simon Tavaré

Applications of Metropolis-Hastings genealogy sampling
Mary K. Kuhner, Jon Yamato, and Joseph Felsenstein

Estimating selection and mutation rates from a random field model for polymorphic sites
Stanley A. Sawyer

The use of linkage disequilibrium for estimating the recombination fraction between a marker and a disease gene N.L. Kaplan and B.S. Weir

Theory and applications of RAPD-PCR: Mispriming
Andrew G. Clark

Part III: Genealogy and population models

The structured coalescent
Hilde M. Herbots

An ancestral recombination graph
Robert C. Griffiths and Paul Marjoram

The effect of purifying selection on genealogies
G. Brian Golding

Hierarchical and mean-field stepping stone models
D.A. Dawson

A note on the stepping stone model with extinction and recolonization
Claudia Neuhauser, Stephen M. Krone and Hyun-Chung Kang

On the normal-selection model
S.N. Ethier

Branching processes and evolution
Ziad Taib

*The IMA's workshop on Mathematical Population Genetics was held January 24 -- 28, 1994.

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