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IMA Systems

The IMA Systems department manages computing equipment, software, and support at the IMA. If you have a question regarding our facilities, please look through our computing handout. If you need further assistance or wish to offer feedback, contact us via our contact form.

IMA Systems and Software

The IMA has many workstations available for visitors, running UBUNTU Linux, MacOS X, or Windows. Popular mathematics packages and desktop applications are available, including:

High Performance Computing resources available include:

  • Titanium, a 16-core machine with 64GB of memory
  • Platinum, a 48-core machine with 128GB of memory and over 3TB of scratch space
  • Access to the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Audio/Visual Equipment

Our conference rooms (Keller Hall 3-180 and Lind 305) and Classroom (Lind 409) have video projectors and computers. Visitors are welcome to bring their own laptop for presentations. Keller Hall 3-180 and Lind 305 have cameras and recording equipment for live streaming and recording of presentations.

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