Dynamic Dynamical Systems

Examples of Dynamic Dynamical Systems

"While the definition of autonomic..."

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DARPA IXO: A Rapidly Expanding Universe of Sensors, Weapons, and Platforms

Two Problems (among many) to Solve



Semantic Services Testbed

How deep into the graph does one have to go to determine interoperability?

Semantic “Depth”

Deep Semantics and Markup Complexity

Enabling Information Visibility and Fluidity

Functional Validation of Semantics
(Jiang & Cybenko, Autonomous Agents to appear)

Second Challenge – Control

Content-based Routing
Cybenko and Jiang, CDC Dec 2002

Existing Examples

Required logic

Two Problems (among many) to Solve

Getting above the weeds
 - from “existence proofs” to new computing models and the software engineering tools to implement them