University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

Presentation Material for IMA Summer Program:
Mathematical Modeling in Industry - A Workshop for Graduate Students

July 19 to July 28, 2000

Organizers: Rachel Kuske and Fernando Reitich
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

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Note: All the reports here are published as IMA Preprint #1752.

  • Team 1
    Industry Mentor: Dr. Robert Melville (Lucent Technologies)

    Numerical Steady-State Solutions of Non-Linear DAE's Arising in RF Communication Circuit Design
    Danny Dunlavy, Sookhyung Joo, Runchang Lin, Roummel Marcia, Aurelia Minut, and Jianzhong Sun
    team1rep.pdf (332KB) (777KB)

  • Team 2
    Industry Mentor: Dr. Joan Bachenko (Linquistic Technologies)

    Optimizing Language Models for Speech Recognition
    Suzanne Lynch Hruska, Maria Kiskowski, Jennifer Lefeaux, Kevin McCleary, Dany Ngouyassa, and Bryan Smith
    team2rep.pdf (366KB) (683KB)

  • Team 3
    Industry Mentor: Dr. Thomas Grandine (Boeing)

    The Bivariate Contouring Problem
    Thomas Grandine, Bogdan Craciun, Noel Heitmann, Brian Ingalls, Quoc Thong Le Gia, Miao-jung Ou, and Yen-hsi Richard Tsai
    team3rep.pdf (217KB) (107KB)   envelope.wrl (vrml file 543KB)

  • Team 4
    Industry Mentor: Dr. Sarah K. Patch (GE Medical Systems)

    Second Order Solution of Fritz John's Ultrahyperbolic PDE for Volumetric Computed Tomography
    Jicun Hu, Chris Ingrassia, Svenja Lowitzsch, Jang Park, Angel Pineda, Daniel Reynolds, and Nicholas Valdivia
    team4rep.pdf (240KB) (1MB)

  • Team 5
    Industry Mentor: Dr. Norman Curet (National Security Agency)

    A Network Diversion Vulnerability Problem
    Ariel Cintron-Arias, Norman Curet, Lisa Denogean, Robert Ellis, Corey Gonzalez, Shobha Oruganti, and Patrick Quillen
    team5rep.pdf (94KB) (134KB)

  • Team 6
    Industry Mentor: Dr. David Ross (Eastman Kodak)

    The Design of a Microactuator
    Y. Chung, Z. Lavicza, H. Lim, D. Malonza, M. Song, and N. Tarfulea
    team6.pdf (195KB) (368KB)

Video Recordings