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Searching Results for ND6.15-26.09:
"Topology & systems: The future", 0000-00-00, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
"Applied Topology: motivations from data" point-set topology intro motivations from data, statistics, biology, etc., 2009-06-15, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Applied Topology: motivations from systems" euler characteristic intro motivations from networks, sensors, robotics, etc., 2009-06-15, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
"Homology 1" intro to homology simplicial, cellular, cech, & more: simple applications, 2009-06-16, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Homology 2" morse, morse-conley, hodge & more: simple applications, 2009-06-16, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
The role of information in pursuit evasion: Graph theoretic models, 2009-06-16, Volkan Isler  (University of Minnesota)
"Computing Homology 1: theory" intro to exact sequences, 2009-06-17, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
"Computing Homology 2: practice" intro to algorithms/software; plex, 2009-06-17, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
Introduction to Jplex, 2009-06-17, Henry H. Adams  (Stanford University)
"Spaces 1: complexes" cech, v-rips, witnesses, alpha, etc. & uses in data, 2009-06-18, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
Sensor networks and coverage, 2009-06-18, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
Gait states for a torus and a disk: "How to talk with robots", 2009-06-18, Fred Cohen  (University of Rochester)
"Visualizing Data via Homology" image statistics data, range patches, neuroscience, 2009-06-19, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Network coverage via homology" coverage in sensor networks, 2009-06-19, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
Naive counting with sensors, 2009-06-19, Fred Cohen  (University of Rochester)
"Sheaves and Euler integration" euler integration and target enumeration, 2009-06-22, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
"Topological Signal Processing" target localization; integral transforms and euler calculus, 2009-06-22, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
Topological data analysis: Understanding optical flow, 2009-06-22, Henry H. Adams  (Stanford University)
"Persistence and Point Clouds" Functoriality, diagrams, difficulties in classifying diagrams, multidimensional persistence, Gröbner bases, 2009-06-23, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Zig-Zags and Statistics" Bootstrap method, zig-zag persistence, other applications of zig-zag persistence, 2009-06-23, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
Verified Homology of Nodal Domains, 2009-06-23, William D. Kalies  (Florida Atlantic University)
"Imaging Data Sets" Linear regression, projection pursuit, multidimensional scaling as methods of imaging data sets, 2009-06-24, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Unimodal Decompositions" lyusternik-schnirelman category; unimodal category and mode-decomposition in statistics; applications to coordinate-free data, 2009-06-24, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
Computational Conley theory, 2009-06-24, William D. Kalies  (Florida Atlantic University)
"Mapper for mapping" mapper as an imager. Importance of mapping. Applications of homology to mapping, 2009-06-25, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
"Consensus and distributed computation" not so sure about this one..., 2009-06-25, Robert Ghrist  (University of Pennsylvania)
Introduction to homotopy limits and colimits, 2009-06-25, Gunnar Carlsson  (University of Pennsylvania)
"Topology & data: The future", 2009-06-26, Gunnar Carlsson  (Stanford University)
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