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Statistical Mechanics, Statistical Error, Validation and Parameterization in Atomistic Simulations of Soft Materials, 2013-12-16, Michael R. Shirts  (University of Virginia)
Prediction Interval Construction for Smart Material Systems in the Presence of Model Discrepancy, 2013-12-16, Ralph Smith  (North Carolina State University)
Probabilistic Hazard Mapping and Uncertainty Quantification Based on Granular Flow Simulations, 2013-12-16, Elaine Spiller  (Marquette University)
Bayesian Approaches for Spatial-Stochastic Basis Selection: Applications to Fuel Cell Predictive Modeling, 2013-12-16, Guang Lin  (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Towards Predictive Modeling in Heterogeneous Media, 2013-12-16, Nicholas J. Zabaras  (Cornell University)
Uncertainties Under a Deadline: Some Factors in the Engineering Use of Molecular Simulation, 2013-12-16, Chandler Becker  (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Foam Property Prediction from Process Modeling, 2013-12-17, Rekha Rao  (Sandia National Laboratories)
DFT-based Thermal Properties: Three Levels of Error Management, 2013-12-17, Kurt Lejaeghere  (University of Ghent (UG))
Bayesian Calibration of Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Composite Materials Properties, 2013-12-17, Paul Nathan Patrone  (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Accurate Predictions Using Imperfect Models: An Application in Materials Research, 2013-12-17, Michael J Demkowicz  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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