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Möbius Transformations Revealed Math and Science are all around us
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Math and Science are everywhere
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Modeling of Trace Gas Sensors, 2013-03-03, Susan Minkoff  (University of Texas at Dallas)
Transforming Eaton Corporation Through Innovation in Power Management Solutions, 2013-03-03, Ankur Ganguli  (Eaton Corporation)
Considering Non-Academic Jobs in Industry, 2013-03-03, Catherine (Katy) A. Micek  (The Travelers Companies, Inc.)
Dinner and Networking at the Tea House, 2013-03-03, Erica Zimmer Klampfl  (Ford)
Evolutionary Dynamics of Cancer, 2013-03-03, Jasmine Foo  (University of Minnesota)
Conservation Laws for Beginners, 2013-03-04, Barbara Lee Keyfitz  (Ohio State University)
Hidden landscape of wave localization, 2013-03-04, Svitlana Mayboroda  (University of Minnesota)
Opportunities for Women in Mathematics, 2013-03-04, Loredana Lanzani  (University of Arkansas)
Frequency functions, monotonicity formulas, and the thin obstacle problem, 2013-03-04, Donatella Danielli  (Purdue University)
Image Modeling with Undergraduates and Industry, 2013-03-04, Kathryn Leonard  (California State University, Channel Island)
Lightening Poster Presentations, 2013-03-04, Evelyn Sander  (George Mason University)
Building Diversity in Mathematical Sciences, 2013-03-05, Pamela J. Williams  (LMI)
Designing a Hypersonic Vehicle, 2013-03-05, Laura Lurati  (Boeing)
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