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The Quest for Descriptors in Materials Development: A Rational Use of aflowlib.org through examples., 2012-09-13, Stefano Curtarolo  (Duke University)
Crystal Facets in Materials Surface Relaxation: A two-scale perspective, 2012-09-13, Dionisios Margetis  (University of Maryland)
Toward in-silico Design of Polycrystalline Materials, 2012-09-13, Shlomo Ta'asan  (Carnegie Mellon University)
Panel Discussion 1: Large Scale Modeling and Industrial Challenges, 2012-09-13, Leslie Button  (Corning Incorporated)
New and Unique Materials from Dewetting of Pulsed-laser Melted, Multilayer Metallic Films at the Nanoscale: Experiments and Modeling, 2012-09-13, Mikhail Khenner  (Western Kentucky University)
Space and Time Coarse-graining for Genomics-Based Materials Design and Manufacturing, 2012-09-13, Mitchell Luskin  (University of Minnesota)
Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering: An Air Force Approach, 2012-09-13, Timothy D Breitzman  (US Air Force Research Laboratory)
Using Compressive Sensing to Uncover the Alloy Genome with High-Throughput Model Building, 2012-09-14, Gus Hart  (Brigham Young University)
Network Formation and Ionic Conduction in Polymer Electrolyte Materials, 2012-09-14, Keith Promislow  (Michigan State University)
A Continuum Theory of Thermoelectric Bodies and Proposed Large-scale Application in Energy Conversion, 2012-09-14, Liping Liu  (Rutgers University)
A Variational Perspective on Cloaking by Anomalous Localized Resonance, 2012-09-14, Jianfeng Lu  (Duke University)
Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices for Electrified Vehicles, 2012-09-14, Rajeswari Chandrasekaran  (Ford)
Micromechanics Based Second Gradient Continuum Mechanics Theory for Cohesive Granular Materials, 2012-09-14, Anil Misra  (University of Kansas)
Panel Discussion 2: Analytic and Computational Challenges in Ab-initio Through Continuum Modeling: Quantum Mechanics and Computational Chemistry, 2012-09-14, Yousef Saad  (University of Minnesota)
Mesoscale Description of Defected Materials, 2012-09-14, Jorge Vinals  (University of Minnesota)
Algorithms for critical nucleation, microstructure evolution and materials design, 2012-09-14, Qiang Du  (Pennsylvania State University)
Panel Discussion 3: MGI and Education, 2012-09-14, Maria Emelianenko  (George Mason University)
Multiscale Computational Modeling of Complex Materials Systems, 2012-09-15, Maria Emelianenko  (George Mason University)
Ginzburg-Landau-Type Model for Carbon Nanotubes, 2012-09-15, Dmitry Golovaty  (University of Akron)
Charged Kinetic transport for full electronic bands: novel applications, 2012-09-15, Irene M. Gamba  (University of Texas at Austin)
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