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Searching Results for SW9.7-9.11:
Instantaneous Frequencies and Trends for Nonstationary Nonlinear Data, 2011-09-07, Norden Huang  (National Central University)
Simultaneous variable and rank selection for optimal estimation of high dimensional matrices, 2011-09-07, Florentina Bunea  (Cornell University)
On the Trend, Detrending and Variability of Nonlinear and Non-stationary Time Series, 2011-09-07, Zhaohua Wu  (Florida State University)
Instantaneous Frequencies and Trends in Biomedical Applications, 2011-09-08, Chung-Kang Peng  (Harvard Medical School)
Mathematical Tools for EMD-like decompositions, 2011-09-08, Ingrid Daubechies  (Duke University)
Applications of the Empirical Mode Decomposition to Trend Filtering and Gap Filling, 2011-09-08, Azadeh Moghtaderi  (Queen's University)
Sparse time-frequency representation of multiscale data by nonlinear optimization, 2011-09-08, Thomas Yizhao Hou  (California Institute of Technology)
Sparsity, Regularization, and Applications, 2011-09-08, Joel Tropp  (California Institute of Technology)
Inference for Harmonizable Processes, 2011-09-09, Sofia C Olhede  (University College London)
Sampling strategies and mesh refinements, 2011-09-09, Bjorn Engquist  (University of Texas at Austin)
Fast algorithms for oscillatory kernels, 2011-09-09, Lexing Ying  (University of Texas at Austin)
Time-dependent Intrinsic Correlation and its Applications, 2011-09-09, Xianyao Chen  (The First Institute of Oceanography)
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