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Math and Science are everywhere
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Searching Results for W1.10-14.11:
The Exascale: Why and How, 2011-01-10, David E. Keyes  (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology/Columbia University)
Architecture-aware Algorithms and Software for Scalable Performance and Resilience on Heterogeneous Architectures, 2011-01-10, Jack J. Dongarra  (University of Tennessee)
Everyday Parallelism, 2011-01-10, Robert Strzodka  (Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik)
The Challenges of Writing Portable, Correct and High Performance Libraries for GPUs or How to Avoid the Heroics of GPU Programming, 2011-01-10, Miriam Leeser  (Northeastern University)
GPU programming from higher level representations, 2011-01-10, Matthew Gregg Knepley  (University of Chicago)
Large Scale Frictional Contact Dynamics on the GPU, 2011-01-11, Dan Negrut  (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Thinking parallel: sparse iterative solvers with CUDA, 2011-01-11, Jonathan M. Cohen  (NVIDIA Corporation)
Lattice Boltzmann Multi-Phase Simulations in Porous Media using GPUs, 2011-01-12, Jonas Toelke  (Ingrain)
The basis and perspectives of an exascale algorithm: our ExaFMM project, 2011-01-12, Lorena A. Barba  (Boston University)
Application of Assembly of Finite Element Methods on Graphics Processors for Real-Time Elastodynamics, 2011-01-12, Cris Cecka  (Stanford University)
High-order DG Wave Propagation on GPUs: Infrastructure, Implementation, Method Improvements, 2011-01-12, Andreas Kloeckner  (New York University)
Algorithms and Tools for Bioinformatics on GPUs, 2011-01-13, Bertil Schmidt  (Nanyang Technological University)
Algorithmic Fluid Art – Influences, Process, and Works, 2011-01-13, Mark J. Stock  (Applied Scientific Research)
OP2: an open-source library for unstructured grid applications, 2011-01-13, Mike Giles  (University of Oxford)
Ultraparallel solvers for multi-scale brain blood flow simulations on exascale computers, 2011-01-13, Leopold Grinberg  (Brown University)
Clouds MapReduce and HPC, 2011-01-13, Geoffrey Charles Fox  (Indiana University)
I See GPU Shapes in the Clouds, 2011-01-14, David Mayhew  (Advanced Micro Devices)
Real-Time Medical and Geological Processing on GPU-based Systemss: Experiences and Challenges, 2011-01-14, Anne C. Elster  (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU))
Emerging Programming and Machine Models: Opportunities for Numerical Algorithms R&D, 2011-01-14, Michael A. Heroux  (Sandia National Laboratories)
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