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Visualizing and Exploring Molecular Simulation Data via Energy Landscape Metaphor, 2013-12-09, Yusu Wang  (The Ohio State University)
The Topology of Evolution, 2013-12-09, Raul Rabadan  (Columbia University)
Statistics on Deformations in Computational Anatomy: Geometric Structures and Topological Questions, 2013-12-09, Xavier Pennec  (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique Automatique (INRIA))
RNA Folding: From Random Matrix Theory to Structure Prediction Algorithms, 2013-12-09, Henri Orland  (Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique Saclay (CEA))
Spaces of Shapes: Creating Moduli Spaces of Chemical Compounds for Drug Discovery, 2013-12-09, Anthony Bak  (Ayasdi, Inc.)
Topological Symmetries of Molecules, 2013-12-10, Erica Flapan  (Pomona College)
Topological RNA Structures, 2013-12-10, Christian M. Reidys  (Syddansk Universitet (University of Southern Denmark))
Applications of TDA to the Understanding of Disease and Drug Discovery, 2013-12-10, Pek Lum  (Ayasdi, Inc.)
A Topological Model of the Hippocampal Spatial Map, 2013-12-10, Yuri Dabaghian  (Rice University)
RNA Profiling: A Combinatorial Approach to "Denoising" Secondary Structure Prediction, 2013-12-10, Christine E. Heitsch  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Topological Structures of Ensemble Neuronal Codes in the Rat Hippocampus, 2013-12-11, Zhe (Sage) Chen  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Knots and Links in Circular DNA Molecules, 2013-12-11, Alexander Vologodskii  (New York University)
Topological Tools for Detecting Hidden Geometric Structure in Neural Data, 2013-12-11, Carina Curto  (University of Nebraska)
Structure of the Afferent Terminals in Terminal Ganglion of a Cricket and Persistent Homology, 2013-12-12, Tomas Gedeon  (Montana State University)
Unlinking DNA Replication Links by Xer Recombination, 2013-12-12, Mariel Vazquez  (San Francisco State University)
Multiscale Multiphysics and Multidomain Models for Biomolecules, 2013-12-12, Guowei Wei  (Michigan State University)
Detecting Morse Decompositions of the Global Attractor of Regulatory Networks by Time Series Data, 2013-12-13, Hiroshi Kokubu  (Kyoto University)
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