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Searching Results for W2.27-3.2.12:
Computational Insights into the Social Life of Animals, 2012-02-27, Tanya Berger-Wolf  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Collective Graph Identification, 2012-02-27, Lise Getoor  (University of Marlyland)
Dense Subgraphs and their Applications, 2012-02-27, Samir Khuller
Reconstructing network evolution in biological systems, 2012-02-27, John Pinney  (Imperial College London)
Systematic analysis of drug interactions, 2012-02-27, Frederick Roth  (University of Toronto)
On the Impact of Measurement in Network Analysis: Examples from Social, Communication, and Biological Networks, 2012-02-28, Eric Kolaczyk  (Boston University)
Tutorial - Politics, Petitions, and Propagation, 2012-02-28, David Liben-Nowell  (Carleton College)
Network topology as a source of biological information, 2012-02-28, Natasha Przulj  (Imperial College London)
A Fine-Grained Distance Metric for Small Worlds, 2012-02-29, Mark Crovella  (Boston University)
Discovery of Significantly Mutated Subnetworks in Cancer, 2012-02-29, Fabio Vandin  (Brown University)
Statistical models for dynamic networks, 2012-03-01, Joel S. Bader  (Johns Hopkins University)
Teaching 20Q, 2012-03-01, Mung Chiang  (Princeton University)
Detecting Overlapping Communities Using the Ground-truth Communities, 2012-03-01, Jure Leskovec  (Stanford University)
Supporting Statistical Hypothesis Testing over Graphs, 2012-03-01, Jennifer Neville  (Purdue University)
Social Dimensions of Global Climate Change: Network Applications, 2012-03-02, Jeff Broadbent  (University of Minnesota)
Unveiling Anomalies in Large-Scale Networks via Sparsity and Low Rank, 2012-03-02, Georgios B. Giannakis  (University of Minnesota)
Structural analysis of complex networks: from local measurements to eigenvalues, 2012-03-02, Victor Preciado  (University of Pennsylvania)
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