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Möbius Transformations Revealed Math and Science are all around us
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Math and Science are everywhere
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Graph Laplacian Eigenvectors and Their Use for Building Wavelet Packets on Graphs, 2014-04-28, Naoki Saito  (University of California)
Cheeger Inequalities and Random Walks on Simplicial Complexes, 2014-04-28, Sayan Mukherjee  (Duke University)
Phase Transitions in the Edge-triangle Exponential Random Graph Model, 2014-04-28, Mei Yin  (Brown University)
Statistical Matching Theory, 2014-04-28, Péter Csikvári  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Hyperbolicity: Evaluation and Connections with other Tree-like Structure, 2014-04-28, Blair Dowling Sullivan  (North Carolina State University)
Simplicial Complexes with Large Homological Systoles, 2014-04-29, Matthew Kahle  (The Ohio State University)
Random Walks on Simplicial Complexes, 2014-04-29, Ron Rosenthal  (ETH Zürich)
Combinatorics and Topology of Generically Injective Maps, 2014-04-29, Patricia Hersh  (North Carolina State University)
Lorentzian Geometry of Complex Networks, 2014-04-29, Dima Krioukov  (Northeastern University)
Internet and its Dimension, 2014-04-29, Yuriy Mileyko  (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Cop and Robber Game and Hyperbolicity, 2014-04-30, Victor Chepoi  (Aix-Marseille Université)
Algorithmic and Combinatorial Aspects of Embeddings, 2014-04-30, Ulrich Wagner  (IST Austria)
Ollivier-Ricci Curvature in Wireless Networks and Adiabatic Quantum Computer Architecture, 2014-04-30, Edmond Jonckheere  (University of Southern California)
Eigenvector Localization, Implicit Regularization, and Algorithmic Anti-differentiation for Large-scale Graphs and Networked Data, 2014-04-30, Michael W. Mahoney  (University of California, Berkeley)
Large-scale Curvature of Real-life Networks and Its Implications for Computations, 2014-05-01, Iraj Saniee  (Alcatel-Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories)
Statistical Mechanics of Multiplex Networks, 2014-05-01, Ginestra Bianconi  (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
Complex Information Systems, 2014-05-01, Bob Bonneau  (US Air Force Research Laboratory)
Maps Between Discrete Surfaces and Applications to Biology, 2014-05-01, Joel Hass  (University of California)
Random Walks and Boundaries of Planar Graphs, 2014-05-01, Omer Angel  (University of British Columbia)
Computing Topological Persistence for Simplicial Maps with Application to Data Sparsification, 2014-05-02, Tamal K. Dey  (The Ohio State University)
Preserving, Tracking and Exploiting Topological Features, 2014-05-02, Harish Chintakunta  (North Carolina State University)
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