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Möbius Transformations Revealed Math and Science are all around us
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Math and Science are everywhere
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Participatory Mobile Health (mHealth): Innovative Approaches to Data Collection and Analysis, 2012-05-07, Deborah Estrin  (University of California, Los Angeles)
Mining Medical Discussion Boards for Adverse Effects to Drugs, 2012-05-07, Shawndra Hill  (University of Pennsylvania)
Big-Data-Driven Medicine, 2012-05-07, David Madigan  (Columbia University)
Computational Behavioral Ecology, 2012-05-07, Tanya Berger-Wolf  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
User Modeling for Context-Aware Recommendation, 2012-05-09, Bamshad Mobasher  (DePaul University)
User Data: The End of Anonymity, the Beginning of Privacy, 2012-05-09, Vitaly Shmatikov  (University of Texas at Austin)
Bayesian Bias Mitigation for Crowdsourcing, 2012-05-09, Fabian Wauthier  (University of California, Berkeley)
Multi-Application User Interest Modeling, 2012-05-09, Frank Shipman  (Texas A & M University)
Influence Propagation in Aocial Networks: A Data Mining Perspective, 2012-05-10, Francesco Bonchi  (Yahoo! Research)
Using the Crowd for User-Centered Predictive Modeling, 2012-05-10, Cynthia Rudin  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Math in Business, 2012-05-10, Cathy O'Neil  (Intent Media)
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