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IMA Visitor Information

General Office

Office Hours: The Main Office is located at 400 Lind Hall 612-624-6066 and is open from 8:00a.m. - 4:30 p.m, Monday-Friday. Lind Hall is curently under construction but the elevator and at least one stairwell will be accessible throughout the renovation process.

Secretarial Support: The IMA staff in 409 Lind Hall can help you with typing, copying, faxing, and other IMA related tasks.

Office Supplies: There are some office supplies in 400 Lind under the mailboxes. Please ask the IMA staff at the reception desk in 409 Lind Hall for other supplies.

Copy Machines: A copier is located on the 4th floor. You can also check out a "copy card" from the main office in 409 Lind Hall. This will allow you to make copies on copy machines at the libraries and around campus that take "copy cards."

Fax: IMA Fax # 612-626-7370. The fax machine in 400 Lind Hall is only for IMA business use. Please ask the staff in 409 Lind Hall for assistance with faxing, if needed. You will be notified when you receive a fax or it will be in your IMA mailbox.

Mail/Postage: Long-term visitor mailboxes are on the 4th floor of Lind Hall. Please check your box often for mail and messages.

The U.S. mail arrives after 12:00p.m. each day. In 400 Lind Hall, there are trays for outgoing campus, stamped, and unstamped mail under the IMA mailboxes. Any outgoing mail that needs to be stamped will be processed the following business day. For such items, the sender's name must be readable in the return address area; the IMA address alone is not sufficient. The IMA will supply the postage for IMA business related items up to 16 ounces. For packages over 16 ounces, please see the IMA staff in 409 Lind Hall to discuss mailing options. Envelopes available for your use are located in the cabinets below the mailboxes on the 4th floor.

For non-IMA business items there is a limited service post office located in room G11, the ground level of Coffman Memorial Union, 300 Washington Avenue SE. There is a Kinko's located at 612 Washington Avenue which has UPS and Federal Express services available. Kinko's phone: 612-379-2452. Full service post offices are located on 2811 University Ave. S.E. and 1311 SE 4th St. in Dinkytown.

Telephone: IMA phones are available to visitors for local calling and business-related domestic long distance calling. For all international and private long-distance calls visitors should use a personal calling card, place the call collect, or charge the call to another number. (Long distance calling for personal use violates University policy and constitutes state and federal tax avoidance.)

Dialing instructions: If you are calling within the university, just dial the last five digits. For example, for the main IMA number, +1 612-624-6066, you would just dial 46066. Dial 8 to obtain an outside line. For domestic calling, you would dial 8 + 1 + area code + number. You must include the area code when you place an outside call. The website can be used for directory assistance.

Calling card: Dial 8 to obtain an outside line then use the calling card procedures.

Calling collect or to charge the call to your home phone: dial 8 + 0 + the area code and number you are calling. An operator will answer and assist you in placing your call. The IMA appreciates your assistance in helping us to comply with the University Telephone policy.

Conference/Class Room Reservations

IMA Postdocs, Staff, and Visitors may reserve the IMA Conference Room or Classroom. Please send an e-mail to to reserve these rooms. Please note these rooms are not available for public use.