Poisson-Boltzmann Type Models for Electric Double Layers

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 11:30am - 12:20pm
Lind 305
Tai-Chia Lin (National Taiwan University)
In this lecture, two kinds of PB (Poisson-Boltzmann) type models will be introduced for the study of electric double layers, which include the Debye and Stern layers. One is the CCPB (charge conserved Poisson-Boltzmann) equation and the other is the PB_{ns} equation (new Poisson-Boltzmann equation with steric effects). Using analytical techniques to study the CCPB equation, we may derive an explicit formula for the mixture of Na^{+}, Mg^{2+} and Cl^{-} which can be justified by experiments using atomic force microscopy. Under specific parameter regimes, the PB_{ns} equation (which is obtained by a new approach to the Lennard-Jones potential) may be reduced to the PB type models of D. Andelman (1997) and B. Li (2009). It would be expected that the PB_{ns} equation may have more applications on electrolytes with high concentrations of ions.