Computational Science for COVID-19 Pandemic Planning and Response

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 1:25pm - 2:25pm
Madhav Marathe (University of Virginia)
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented global crisis.
Increased urbanization, global travel, climate change and a generally older and immuno-compromised population continue to make the problem of pandemic planning and control challenging. Recent advances in computing, AI and data science have created new opportunities for realizing the vision of real-time epidemic science.

In this talk, using COVID-19 as an exemplar,
I will describe how computing and data science can play an important
role in developing and assessing pandemic response strategies.

Madhav Marathe is the division director of the Networks Simulation
Science and Advanced Computing Division at the Biocomplexity Institute
and Initiative, and a professor in the Department of Computer Science
at the University of Virginia. His research interests are in network
science, foundations of computing, Human and engineered intelligence
at scale, computational epidemiology, socially coupled system science
and high performance computing. Before joining UVA, he held positions
at Virginia Tech and Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is a Fellow
of the IEEE, ACM, SIAM and AAAS.