Proposals for Hot Topics Workshop


Hot Topics Workshops typically last a few days and are devoted to a topic of exceptional contemporary interest and potential impact. Proposals should be sent at least six months in advance; co-sponsorship by an industrial partner, funding agency, or institution is generally expected.

Proposal requirements

  1. Title of workshop
  2. Names and affiliation of organizers
  3. Description of workshop topic (less than 2 pages)
  4. List of 10 suggested visitors with affiliations
  5. Reference or links to relevant supporting material

The organizers must be heavily involved in the organization of the workshop. Please look through our past, current, and future workshops and relate your proposal to and differentiate it from other IMA activities. You may also provide references to other non-IMA activities in the field in order to substantiate the timeliness of your proposal.

The IMA is committed to actively seeking diversity among its participants in both gender and ethnicity. It is expected that the list of participants reflects these priorities.

Proposals should be submitted (electronic only) to the director of the IMA:

Daniel Spirn, Director
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
University of Minnesota

Submissions will be evaluated by the IMA advisory boards and outside experts.