Participating Organizations

Participating Institutions

From its inception, the IMA has worked closely with a group of affiliated research institutions, referred to as Participating Institutions (PIs). PIs form an important source of input, talent, energy, and participation for the IMA. PI membership is an ideal way for an institution to express its support for mathematics and its applications. The breadth of synergy that these collaborations bring to the IMA’s programs and their participants has been key to the IMA’s success. From its initial core of eight universities, the PI program has now grown to a total of nearly 40 universities.

The PI Council—consisting of one representative, often the head of a mathematics department, from each academic PI—is an important source of oversight for the IMA and an important conduit for the institute to better reach the academic community. The PI Council is kept aware of the IMA’s activities through regular mailings and meets for a full day each year.

PI membership brings many direct benefits to the institutional members, including the opportunity to support and guide the development of new mathematics relevant to applied sciences and industry.

Participating Corporations

A major part of the mission of the IMA is to bring mathematicians together with engineers and scientists in order to stimulate the flow of interesting and relevant problems and to develop the means of solving them. This makes the IMA of great value to many industries. Moreover, interaction with and input from industrial scientists and engineers is vital to the accomplishment of the IMA's mission. The IMA Participating Corporation program is the chief mechanism for the involvement of industry in IMA activities.

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) consists of one representative from each of the IMA Participating Corporations (PC) and the non-academic Participating Institutions (PI). The Industrial Advisory Board is an important source of input and oversight for the IMA and an important conduit for information from the IMA to reach the industrial community. Its members keep aware of IMA activities through emailings, and the Board meets for a full day each year.