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Title Author
The Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree Problem for Cubic Graphs is NP-Complete Paul Lemke
The Bounded Diameter Two Edge-Disjoint Spanning Trees Problem is NP-Complete Paul Lemke
Induced Class Functions are Conditional Expectations Jonathan D.H. Smith
Combinatorial Characters of Quasigroups Jonathan D.H. Smith
Iterated Exponentials of Two Numbers Jerrold R. Griggs
Pair Labellings with Given Distance Zoltán Füredi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman
Representations of Families of Triples Over GF(2) Zoltán Füredi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman
A Minimal Cutset of the Boolean Lattice with Almost All Members Zoltán Füredi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman
Computing the Bandwidth of Interval Graphs Daniel Kleitman and Rakesh V. Vohra
Matching in Networks with Few Cycles David Magagnosc, Michael Werman
The q-Log-Concavity of q-Binomial Coefficients Lynne M. Butler
Crystal Precipitation with Discrete Initial Data Avner Friedman, Biao Ou and David S. Ross
Entropy, Character Theory and Centrality of Finite Quasigroups Jonathan D.H. Smith
TVB Runge-Kutta Local Projection Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws III: One Dimensional Systems Bernardo Cockburn, San-Yih Lin and Chi-Wang Shu
Classification of Singular Solutions of a Nonlinear Heat Equation S. Kamin, L.A. Peletier and J.L. Vazquez> S. Kamin, L.A. Peletier and J.L. Vazquez
Characters of Finite Quasigroups V: Linear Characters K.W. Johnson and J.D.H. Smith
On the Spread of Continuous-Time Linear Systems Avner Friedman and Michael L. Honig
A Bubble in Ideal Fluid with Gravity Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
Simplicial Polytopes Without The Isotopy Property Bernd Sturmfels
An Algorithmic Proof of The Quillen-Suslin Theorem Bernd Sturmfels
The Maximum Number of Edges in a Minimal Graph of Diameter 2 Zoltán Füredi
Sphere coverings of the hypercube with incomparable centers Zoltán Füredi, Jeff Kahn and Daniel Kleitman
Orderly Dispositions in Space Marjorie Senechal
The Second and the Third Smallest Distances On the Sphere Zoltán Füredi
The Chromatic Number of Random Graphs Tomas Luczak
Location of Essential Spectrum of Intermediate Hamiltonians Restricted to Symmetry Subspaces Christopher Beattie and Mary Beth Ruskai
The Uncertainty Principle on Groups Kennan T. Smith
Growth Twinning Stability of Quartz Crosses and General Geobarothermometric Implications Giovanni Zanzotto
Applications of Combinatorial Designs in Computer Science Charles J. Colbourn and Paul C. van Oorschot
Hausdorff and Lyapunov Dimensions for Gradient Systems George R. Sell
Mechanisms for Variable Separation in Partial Differential Equations Willard Miller, Jr.
Support Functions and Ordinal Products Anna B. Romanowska and Jonathan D.H. Smith
A Class of Mathematical Models for Evolution and Hierarchical Information Theory Jonathan D.H. Smith
A Model of Crystal Precipitation Avner Friedman and Biao Ou
Optimal Control for Heat conduction Problems with Hysteresis Martin Brokate and Avner Friedman
An Exponential Bound for the Probability of a Specified Subgraph in a Random Graph Svante Janson, Tomasz Luczak and Andrzej Rucinski
TVB Runge-Kutta Local Projection Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws II: General Framework Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu
A Model of Dislocations and the Associated Free Boundary Problem Luis A. Caffarelli and Avner Friedman
Necessary Conditions at the Boundary for Minimizers in Finite Elasticity Henry C. Simpson and Scott J. Spector
Rational realizations of 113- and 123- configurations Bernd Sturmfels and Neil White
On the synthetic factorization of homogeneous invariants Bernd Sturmfels and Walter Whiteley
Towards nonlinear Cayley factorization Henry Crapo
The use of distances as coordinates in computer-aided proofs of theorems in Euclidean geometry Timothy F. Havel
Logic and invariant computation for analytic geometry Walter Whiteley
Computational algebraic geometry of projective configurations Bernd Sturmfels
Multilinear Cayley factorization Neil L. White
Symbolic Computations in Geometry Henry Crapo, Timothy F. Havel, Bernd Sturmfels, Walter Whiteley and Neil L. White
The Runge-Kutta Local Projection P1-Discontinuous-Galerkin Finite Element Method for Scalar Conservation Laws Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu
Small Sets Supporting F&aacutery Embeddings of Planar Graphs Hubert de Fraysseix, J&aacutenos Pach and Richard Pollack
Calculating the Connectivity of a Directed Graph David W. Matula and Rakesh V. Vohra