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Title Author
Viscosity Solutions with Singular Initial Data for a Model of Electrophoretic Separation Joel D. Avrin
Polytopal Complexes and Their Relatives Victor Klee and Peter Kleinschmidt
Rarefactions and Large Time Behavior for Parabolic Equations and Monotone Schemes Eduard Harabetian
A Note on the Computational Complexity of Bracketing and Related Problems Mirko Kriv&aacutenek
Some Global Dynamical Properties of a Class of Pattern Formation Equations B. Nicolaenko, B. Scheurer and R. Temam
On the Size and Connectivity of the k-Core of a Random Graph Tomasz Luczak
Performance Evaluation for Multiprocessors Programmed Using Monitors Bradley J. Lucier
The Spectrum of Support Sizes for Threefold Triple Systems Charles J. Colbourn, Ebadollah S. Mahmoodian
Induced Subtrees of a Tree and the Set Packing Problem Michael A. Trick
Recognizing Single-Peaked Preferences On A Tree Michael A. Trick
Title Author
The Transient Semiconductor Problem with Generation Terms, II Thomas I. Seidman
On the Computational Complexity of Codes in Graphs Jan Kratochv&iacutel, Mirko Kriv&aacutenek
Identification of Small Inhomogeneities of Extreme Conductivity by Boundary Measurements: A Continuous Dependence Result Avner Friedman, Michael Vogelius
Applications of Final Polynomials and Final Syzygies Bernd Sturmfels
Cayley Factorization Neil L. White, Tim McMillan
A Proof of the MacDonald-Morris Root System Conjecture for F4 F.G. Garvan
Pavlov and the Prisoner's Dilemma David Kraines, Vivian Kraines
Phase transitions in crystals: towards the analysis of microstructure David Kinderlehrer
A Characterization of all Loglinear Inequalities for Three Quermassintegrals of Convex Bodies Peter Gritzmann
A Counterexample to a Conjecture of Abbott Paul Lemke
Analysis of Fourier Methods for Navier-Stokes Equation Weinan E
Analysis of Spectral Methods for Burgers' Equation Weinan E
On the Development of Closed Convex Curves on 3-Polytopes Joseph O'Rourke, Catherine Schevon
O(2)-Equivariant Bifurcation Equations with Two Modes Interaction Hisashi Okamoto
Zeros of Generalized Krawtchouk Polynomials L. Chihara, D. Stanton
A Beta Integral Associated with the Root System G2 F.G. Garvan
Buckling for an Elastoplastic Plate with An Increment Constitutive Relation J.-P. Puel, A. Raoult
Melnikov Transforms, Bernoulli Bundles, and Almost Periodic Perturbations K.R. Meyer, G.R. Sell
Helly-Test for the Minimal Width of Convex Bodies P. Gritzmann, M. Lassak
Blow-Up Estimates for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Heat Equation Hamid Bellout, Avner Friedman
On Stability and Convergence of Difference Schemes for Quasilinear Hyperbolic Initial- Boundary-Value Problems You-lan Zhu
On the Existence of Certain Smooth Toric Varieties J. Gretenkort, P. Kleinschmidt, Bernd Sturmfels
Finding A Shortest Ladder Path: A Special Case Joseph O'Rourke
Geometry of the Gass-Saaty Parametric Cost LP Algorithm Victor Klee, Peter Kleinschmidt
Two Hyperfinite Constructions of the Brownian Bridge Gonzalo R. Mendieta
The Combined Use of a Nonlinear Chernoff Formula with a Regularization Procedure for Two-Phase Stefan Problems R.H. Nochetto, C. Verdi
Existence of Solutions to the Elastohydrodynamical Equations for Magnetic Recording Systems Michel Chipot and Mitchell Luskin
The Stefan Problem for a Hyperbolic Heat Equation Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
Uniqueness Results and Monotonicity Properties for Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Variational Inequalities M. Chipot, G. Michaille
Continuation Methods for Parameter-Dependent Boundary Value Problems H. D. Mittelmann
Improved Convergence Rates for Intermediate Problems C. Beattie, W. M. Greenlee
C∞-Regularity of Solutions and Interfaces of the Porous Medium Equation J. L. Vazquez
Gröbner Bases and Invariant Theory B. Sturmfels, N. White
Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and State-Constraints Problems I. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, P.-L. Lions
The Local Projection P0P1-Discontinuous-Galerkin-Finite Element Method for Scalar Conservation Laws G. Chavent, B. Cockburn
A Necessary Condition for Decentralizability and an Application to Intemporal Allocation L. Hurwicz, H. F. Weinberger
Sharp Maximum Norm Error Estimates for General Mixed Finite Element Approximations to Second Order Elliptic Equations L. Gastaldi
Pointwise Accuracy of a Stable Petrov-Galerkin Approximation to Stokes Problem R. G. Duran, R. H. Nochetto
Totally Positive Matrices and Cyclic Polytopes B. Sturmfels
Regularity Through Approximation for Scalar Conservation Laws B. J. Lucier