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Title Author
Monotone Flows in N-Dimensional Partially Saturated Porous Media: Lipschitz Continuity of the Interface J. Hulshof, N. Wolanski
On the Continuation for Variational Inequalities Depending on an Eigenvalue Parameter E. Miersemann, H. D. Mittelmann
Some Remarks on Invariant Sets for Systems H. F. Weinberger
Relaxation methods for liquid crystal problems San-Yih Lin and Mitchell Luskin
Inertial manifolds for reaction diffusion equations in higher space dimensions J. Mallet-Paret and G.R. Sell
Stabilized mixed methods for the Stokes problem Franco Brezzi and Jim Douglas, Jr.
Schauder expansion by some quadratic base function Masaya Yamaguti
Derivation of the hydrodynamical equation for one-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau model Tadahisa Funaki
Malliavin's C∞ functionals of a centered Gaussian system Kiyosi Itô
Equilibrium configurations of crystals Michel Chipot and David Kinderlehrer
Stable defects of minimizers of constrained variational principles Robert Hardt, David Kinderlehrer, and Fang-Hua Lin
Typical cluster size for 2-dim percolation processes (revised) Bao Gia Nguyen
The Lyapunov spectrum and stable manifolds for stochastic linear delay equations Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed
Solutions et mesures invariantes pour des equations d'evolution Stochastiques du type Navier-Stokes Ana Bela Cruzeiro
Brownian models of open queueing networks with homogeneous customer populations J.M. Harrison and R.J. Williams
A phase transition for a system of branching random walks in a random environment Andreas Greven
Sharp maximum norm error estimates for finite element approximations Of the Stokes problem in 2-D R. Durán, R.H. Nochetto, and J. Wang
Numerical simulation of immiscible flow in porous media based on combining the method of characteristics with mixed finite element procedures Jim Douglas, Jr. and Y. Yirang
Two-phase immiscible flow in naturally fractured Reservoirs Todd Arbogast, Jim Douglas, Jr., and Juan E. Santos
The double porosity model for single phase flow in naturally fractured reservoirs Todd Arbogast
Approximation of waves in composite media Jim Douglas, Jr. and Juan E. Santos
Decomposition methods for adherence problems in finite elasticity P. Le Tallec and A. Lotfi
On the accuracy of vortex methods at large times J. Thomas Beale
Navier-Stokes computation of transonic vortices over a round leading edge delta wing Bernhard Muller and Arthur Rizzi
The TVD-projection method for solving implicit numeric schemes for scalar conservation laws: A numerical study of a simple case A. Bourgeat and B. Cockburn
Compact attractors and singular perturbations Jack K. Hale
A random boundary value problem modeling spatial variability in porous media flow Edmund Dikow and Ulrich Hornung
TVD properties of a class of modified ENO schemes for scalar conservation laws Chi-Wang Shu
A uniformly accurate finite element method for Mindlin-Reissner plate Douglas N. Arnold and Richard S. Falk
q-series and orthogonal polynomials associated with Barnes' first Lemma E.G. Kalnins and Willard Miller, Jr.
Nonuniqueness for a hyperbolic system: Cavitation in nonlinear elastodynamics K.A. Pericak-Spector and Scott J. Spector
An efficient linear scheme to approximate parabolic free boundary problems: Error estimates and implementation Ricardo Nochetto and Claudio Verdi
Error analysis in Lp, l < p < ∞ for mixed definite element methods for linear and quasi-linear elliptic problems Ricardo G. Duran
Regular inversion of the divergence operator with Dirichlet boundary conditions on a polygon Douglas N. Arnold, L. Ridgway Scott, and Michael Vogelius
Martingale approach for modeling DNA synthesis A. Gerardi and G. Nappo
The convergence on the multigrid algorithm for Navier-Stokes equations Chen Zhangxin and Li Kaitai
Perturbation solutions of simple and double bifurcation problems for Navier-Stokes equations Li Kaitai
Some blow-up results for a nonlinear parabolic equation with a gradient term M. Chipot and F.B. Weissler
Nonlinear effects in wave equation with a cubic restoring force T. Cazenave, A. Haraux, L. Vazquez, and F.B. Weissler
The coupling method of finite elements and boundary elements for radiation problems He Yinnian and Li Kaitai
Analysis of the simulation of single phase flow through a naturally fractured reservoir Todd Arbogast
Liquid crystals and energy estimates for S2-valued maps Haim Brezis
Optimal regularity for one-dimensional porous medium flow D.G. Aronson and L.A. Caffarelli
Simulation of flow in naturally fractured petroleum reservoirs Jim Douglas, Jr., Paulo J. Paes Leme, Todd Arbogast, and Tânia Schmitt
Distributed data structures for scientific computation L.R. Scott, J.M. Boyle, and B. Bagheri
Eventual C∞-regularity and concavity for flows in one-dimensional porous media D.G. Aronson and J.L. Vazquez
Remarks about equilibrium configurations of crystals David Kinderlehrer
Stochastic growth models R. Durrett and R. Schonmann
The extrapolation for boundary finite elements Li Kaitai and Yan Ningning
Finite difference methods for the transient behavior of a semiconductor device Jim Douglas, Jr. and Yuan Yirang