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Title Author
Homoclinic Orbits and Bernoulli Bundles in Almost Periodic Systems K. Meyer, G. R. Sell
Nondifferentiable Potentials for Nonequilibrium Steady States H. R. Jauslin
Mixing Properties for Random Walk in Random Scenery F. den Hollander
Dispersive Bulk Parameters for Coherent Propagation in Correlated Random Distributions V. Twersky
The Convergence for Nodal Expansion Method Functional Integrals H. Aixiang
Inertial Manifolds for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation and an Estimate of their Lowest Dimension C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko, G. R. Sell, R. Temam
On the Abelian Higgs Model M. Chipot, T. Sideris
The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws, Part III B. Cockburn
Remarks about the Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, M. Luskin
The Behavior of Processes with Statistical Mechanical Properties Lawrence Gray
On Partially Observed Control of Markov Processes Omar Hijab
On the Significance of Normal Stress Effects in the Flow of Glaciers Chi-Sing Man, Quan-Xin Sun
The Minimal Eigenfunctions Characterize the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process J. C. Taylor
Do Minimal Solutions of Heat Equations Characterize Diffusions? J. C. Taylor
Introductory Lecture on Reacting Flows A. K. Kapila
Dynamics of a Model for an Ac Josephson Effect in Superfluid 4He H. R. Jauslin, W. Zimmermann, Jr.
The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws (268) Bernardo Cockburn
Open Book Structures and Unicity of Minimal Submanifolds Robert Hardt, Harold Rosenberg
Probabilistic View of Estimates for Finite Difference Methods Jose-Luis Menaldi
Modelling of the Heart and Pericardium at End-Diastole P. N. Shivakumar, Chi-Sing Man, Simon W. Rabkin
On Radially Symmetric Simple Waves in Elasticity K. A. Pericak-Spector
The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws B. Cockburn
Does Rank-One Convexity Imply Quasiconvexity? J. M. Ball
Decompositions of Semimartingales on Duals of Countably Nuclear Spaces V. Perez-Abreu
Sur une propriete des fonctions propres de l'operateur de laplace beltrami M. Chipot, V. Oliker
Two Dimensional Navier Stokes Flow with Measures as Initial Vorticity Y. Giga, T. Miyakawa, H. Osada
Characterization of Optimal Trajectories on an Infinite Horizon A. Leizarowitz
Large Deviations for the Empirical Field of a Gibbs Measure H. Folmer, S. Orey
Local Time and Excursions of Reflected Brownian Motion R. J. Williams
Conditioning a 'Lifted' Stochastic System in a Product Case A. Carverhill
Flows of Stochastic Dynamical Systems: Nontriviality of the Lyapunov Spectrum A. Carverhill
Harmonic Maps with Defects H. Brezis, J. M. Coron, E. H. Lieb
Conditional Gauge and Potential Theory for the Schrödinger Operator M. Cranston, E. Fabes, Z. Zhao
Viscosity Solutions for Weakly Coupled Systems of First Order PDEs Suzanne M. Lenhart
Minimum Energy for Liquid Crystals: Computational Results R. Cohen, R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, S. Y. Lin, M. Luskin
Rate of Growth of the Coalescent Set in a Coalescing Stochastic Flow R. W. R. Darling
Invariance Principles for Brownian Intersection Local Time and Polymer Measures Andreas Stoll
Towards an Acoustoelastic Theory for Measurement of Residual Stress Chi-Sing Man
The First Eigenvalue of a Small Geodesic Ball in a Riemannian Manifold L. Karp, M. Pinsky
Evaluation of Certain Functional Integrals Tzuu-Shuh Chiang, Yunshong Chow, Yuh-Jia Lee
Stochastic Differential Equations in Duals of Nuclear Spaces with some Applications G. Kallianpur
The Rate of Convergence in a Central Limit Theorem for Dependent Random Variables with Arbitrary Index Set Louis H. Y. Chen
Infinite Horizon Optimization for Markov Process with Finite States Spaces A. Leizarowitz
Scaling Relations for 2D-Percolation Harry Kesten
Infinite Time Optimal Control and Periodicity F. Colonius, W. Kliemann
Interaction of Shallow-Water Waves and Bottom Topography B. Boczar-Karaki, J. L. Bona, D. L. Cohen
A Regularity Result for Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations in One Space Dimension R. Jensen, P. E. Souganidis
On Existence of the Dominant Eigenfunction and its Application to the Large Deviation Properties of an Ergodic Markov Process W. H. Fleming, S. J. Sheu, H. M. Soner
Reinforcement by a Thin Layer with Oscillating Thickness G. Buttazzo, R. Kohn
Expectation Functionals Associated with Some Stochastic Evolution Equations P. L. Chow