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Title Author
Inertial Manifolds for Nonlinear Evolutionary Equations C. Foias, G. R. Sell, R. Temam
A Model for Disclinations in Nematic Liquid Crystal J. H. Maddocks
The Compressible Reynolds Lubrication Equation M. Chipot, M. Luskin
A Remark About the Stability of Smooth Equilibrium Configurations of Static Liquid Crystals R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, F.-H. Lin
Self-Similar Solutions, Having Jumps and Intervals of Constancy of a Diffusion-heat Conduction Equation Julio Bouillet
Stopping Times and G-Convergence J. Baxter, G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco
Boundary Configurations Spanning Continuation of Minimal Surfaces R. Gulliver, S. Hildebrandt
Large Deviations Principles for Stationary Processes S. Orey, S. Pelikan
Existence Results for Doubly Nonlinear Higher Order Parabolic Equations on Unbounded Domains F. Bernis
Structure of Positive Solution to -(Δ + V)u = 0 in Rn Minoru Murata
A New Proof of Moser's Parabolic Harnack Inequality via the Old Ideas of Nash E. B. Fabes, D. W. Stroock
On Informational Decentralization and Efficiency of Resource Allocation Mechanisms Leonid Hurwicz
Analysis of Brownian Functionals Takeyuki Hida
A Two Parameter Family of Pension Contribution Functions and Stochastic Optimization Thomas O'Brien
Spectral Methods and Maximum Principle Claudio Canuto
Lecture notes for the period of concentration on Malliavin calculus and applications to partial differential equations D. Stroock
Sharp Inequalities and Regularity of Heat Semi-Group on Infinite Dimensional Spaces Yuh-Jia Lee
Traveling Wave Solutions Arising from a Combustion Model David Terman
The Poisson Function of Finite Elasticity Millard Beatty
Controling Diffusion Processes on Infinite Horizon with the Overtaking Criterion Arie Leizarowitz
Killed Diffusions and its Conditioning G. Gong, M. Qian, Zhongxin Zhao
Ergodicity of a Measure-Valued Markov Chain Induced by Random Transformations R. W. R. Darling
Control Problems with Random and Progressively Known Target Arie Leizarowitz
On the Large Deviation Functions of Markov Chain Guanglu Gong, Minping Qian
The Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations I. J. Bakelman
Notes Concerning the Torsion of Hardening Rods and its N-Dimensional Generalizations I. J. Bakelman
On Bounding the Effective Conductivity of Anisotropic Composites R. V. Kohn, G. W. Milton
On the Reynolds Lubrication Equation M. Chipot
Title Author
Constructing Nonhomeomorphic Stochastic Flows R. W. R. Darling
On the Identification of Material Symmetry for Anisotropic Elastic Materials S. Cowin, M. Mehrabadi
A Derivation Theorem for Capacities with Respect to a Radon Measure G. Buttazzo, G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco
Nonlinear Geometric Optics for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws Andrew Majda
On the Singularities of the Viscosity Solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations P. Cannarsa, H. M. Soner
Characterizing Blow-up Using Similarity Variables Y. Giga, R. Kohn
Some Smoothness Properties of Linear Laminates M. Chipot, D. Kinderlehrer, L. Caffarelli
On the Monge-Ampere Equation Arising in the Reflector Mapping Problem V. Oliker, P. Waltman
Wiener Criteria and Energy Decay for Relaxed Dirichlet Problems G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco
On the Macroscopic Description of Slow Viscous Flow Past a Random Array of Spheres J. Rubinstein
Inequalities between Dirichlet and Neumann Eigenvalues H. A. Levine, H. F. Weinberger
The Wiener Modulus of a Radial Measure G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco
Ground States and Dirichlet Problems for -Δ = F(U) in R2 F. V. Atkinson, L. A. Peletier
m-Functions and Floquet Exponents for Linear Differential Systems R. Johnson
Lipschitz Continuity of Solutions and Interfaces of the N-Dimensional Porous Medium Equation L. A. Caffarelli, J. L. Vazquez, N. I. Wolanski
Existence and Asymptotic Behavior for Strong Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations in the Whole Space H. Beirao da Veiga
Asymptotic Series and the Methods of Vanishing Viscosity W. H. Fleming, P. E. Souganidis
Dispersion and Convection in Periodic Media J. Rubinstein, R. Mauri
An Answer to Littlewood's Problem on Boundedness T. Ding
Game Forms with Minimal Strategy Spaces S. Reichelstein, S. Reiter
Finite Speed of Propagation and Asymptotic Rates for some Nonlinear Higher Order Parabolic Equations with Absorption F. Bernis
Qualitative properties for some nonlinear higher order F. Bernis