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Title Author
On Virtual Effects During Diffusion of a Dispersed Medium in a Suspension G. Capriz, P. Giovine
Differential Games and Directional Derivatives of Viscosity Solutions of Isaacs' Equations II P.-L. Lions, P. E. Souganidis
The N-Membranes problem M. Chipot, G. Vergara-Caffarelli
A Remark on a priori Bounds for Global Solutions of Semilinear Heat Equations Yoshikazu Giga
Workshop on Theory and Applications of Liquid Crystals Abstracts
A Tiebout Theorem Myrna Holtz Wooders
Equilibria in Production Economies with an Infinite Dimensional Commodity Space William Zame
The Core of a Game with a Continuum of Players and Finite Coalitions: Nonemptiness with Bounded Sizes of Calitions M. Kaneko, M. Wooders
A Model for Twinning John Maddocks and Gareth P. Parry
Positive Solutions of Schrodinger Equations Minoru Murata
Constitutive Theory for some Constrained Elastic Crystals J. L. Ericksen
Title Author
A Lecture on Some Topics in Nonlinear Elasticity and Elastic Stability Millard Beatty
Workshop on Equilibrium and Stability Questions in Continuum Physics and Partial Differential Equations Abstracts
Sensitivity Analysis for Market Equilibrium Anna Nagurney
On Some Market Equilibrium Theory Paradoxes Anna Nagurney
Twinning of Crystals J.L. Ericksen
Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utilities and Cardinal Preferences Graciela Chichilnisky
Critical Sets and Negative Bundles J.L. Noakes
Large Games: Fair and Stable Outcomes Myrna Holtz Wooders and William R. Zame
Instability in the Implementation of Walrasian Allocations J.S. Jordan
Infinitely Repeated Games with Discounting: A General Theory Dilip Abreu
Implementing a Generic Smooth Function Steven R. Williams
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of a Locally Stable Message Process Steven R. Williams
Functional Remarks on the General Concept of Chaos F. William Lawvere
State Categories, Closed Categories, and the Existence Semi-Continuous Entropy Functions F. William Lawvere
The Numerical Computation of Invariant Circles of Maps I.G. Kevrekidis, R. Aris, L.D. Schmidt, and S. Pelikan
Subjective Probability and Expected Utility Without Additivity David Schmeidler
Choosing from a Tournament Herve Moulin
Choice Functions over a Finite Set: A Summary Herve Moulin
Engaging in R&Dand the Emergence of Expected Non-convex Technologies Yakar Kannai
Time-dependent Solutions of a Nonlinear System in Semiconductory Theory, II: Boundedness and Periodicity Thomas Seidman
Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium in Lp and Sobolev Spaces G. Chichilnisky and G.M. Heal
Workshop on Bayesian Analysis in Economics and Game Theory Abstract
Integral Representation Without Additivity David Schmeidler
An Adaptive Newton Algorithm Based on Numerical Inversion: Regularization Post Condition J. Jerome
Information flows intrinsic to the stability of economic equilibrium J.S. Jordan
Continuous-time portfolio management: Minimizing the expected time to reach a goal David C. Heath and William D. Sudderth
A dynamical meaning of fractal dimension Steve Pelikan
The reciprocals of solutions of linear ordinary differential equations William A. Harris, Jr. and Yasutaka Sibuya
Equilibria in Banach lattices without ordered preferences Nicholas C. Yannelis and William R. Zame
Sufficient Conditions for Nash Implementation Steven R. Williams
Realization and Nash Implementation: Two Aspects of Mechanism Design Steven R. Williams
The Floquet Exponent for Two-Dimensional Linear Systems with Bounded Coefficients R. Giachett and R. Johnson
Linear Subdivision is Strictly a Polynomial Phenomenon R.N. Goldman and D.C. Heath
How a network of processors can schedule its work Stanley Reiter
Ergodic properties of linear dynamical systems Russell Johnson, Kenneth Palmer, and George R. Sell
The linearizing projection, global theories William H. Ruckle
Equilibrium price distributions Rafael Rob
A note on competitive bidding with asymmetric information Rafael Robz
Approximate Newton methods and homotopy for stationary operator equations Joseph W. Jerome