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Title Author
The Coase theorem - An informational perspective Rafael Rob
Workshop on price adjustment, quantity adjustment, and business cycles Abstract
Boundedness of solutions of Duffing's equation Tongren Ding
Complete integrability in statistical mechanics and the Yang-Baxter equations Craig Tracy
On failure of the complementing condition and nonuniqueness in linear elastostatics Henry Simpson and Scott J. Spector
Analysis of a dynamic, decentralized exchange economy Ennio Stacchetti
Symmetry of constant mean curvature hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space Gilbert Levitt and Harold Rosenberg
Topology and differentiability of labyrinths in the disc and annulus Gilbert Levitt and Harold Rosenberg
Complex analytic dynamics on the Riemann sphere Paul Blanchard
Revelation and implementation under differential information Andrew Postlewaite and David Schmeidler
Unique Continuation for Nonnegative Solutions of Schrödinger Operators F. Chiarenza and N. Garofalo
Green's Formulas for Linearized Problems with Live Loads Giorgio Vergara Caffarelli
Three Introductory Lectures on Differential Topology and its Applications D.R.J. Chillingworth
Single Point Blow-up for a General Semilinear Heat Equation C. Mueller and F. Weissler
An Evolutionary Continuous Casting Problem of Stefan Type J. Rodrigues
Pointwise Potential Estimates for Elliptic Obstacle Problems Umberto Mosco
Workshop on the Classifying Spaces of Groups Abstracts
Workshop on Homogenization and Effective Moduli of Materials and Media Abstracts
Competitive Chaos Raymond Deneckere and Steve Pelikan
On the Derivatives of the Principal Invariants of a Second-Order Tensor D. Carlson and A. Hoger
Remarks on Sublinear Equations Haïm Brezis
The Core of a Game with a Continuum of Players and Finite Coalitions: The Model and Some Results M. Kaneko and M. Wooders
An Equilibrium Model of Quits under Optimal Contracting C. Kahn
Hopf Bifurcation from a Turning Point R. Lauterbach
Optimal Cartel Equilibria with Imperfect Monitoring D. Abreau, D. Pearce, and E. Stacchetti
Solutions of Minimax Problems Using Equivalent Differentiable Equations R. Chen
Twinning of Crystals (II) D. Kinderlehrer
Existence Theorems in the Calculus of Variations E. Mascolo and R. Schianchi
On Perfectly Competitive Economies: Loeb Economies D. Emmons and N. Yannelis
Finite Amplitude Vibrations of a Neo-hookean Oscillator Millard Beatty
Privacy Preserving Correspondence Kenneth Mount
The derivative of a tensor-valued function of a tensor Donald E. Carlson and Anne Hoger
Central Configurations of the N-Body Problem via the Equivariant Morse Theory Filomena Pacella
Title Author
Three component ionic microemulsions L.R. Angel, D.F. Evans, and B. Ninham
Optimal numerical approximation of a linear operator Hans Weinberger
Spanning tree extensions of the Hadamard-Fischer inequalities Charles R. Johnson and Wayne W. Barrett
Lax-Friedrichs and the viscosity-capillarity criterion M. Slemrod
Semilinear equations in RN without conditions at infinity Haïm Brezis
The Lp-intergrability of Green's functions and fundamental solutions for elliptic and parabolic equations E. Fabes and D.W. Stroock
Random fluctuations of the duration of harvest V. Capasso, K.L. Cooke, and M. Witten
The duration of transients S. Pelikan
Some remarks on deformations of minimal surfaces Harold Rosenberg and Eric Toubiana
On work and constraints in mixtures K.A. Pericak-Spector and W.O. Williams
The spatial homogeneity of stable equilibria of some reaction-diffusion systems on convex domains Kazuo Kishimoto and Hans F. Weinberger
A characterization of Borda's rule via optimization Charles R. Johnson
The strong Φ topology on symmetric sequence spaces William H. Ruckle
On the mechanics of modulated structures Elias C. Aifantis
Maxwell and Van der Waals revisited Elias C. Aifantis
Passive quasi-free states of the noninteracting Fermi gas Jean De Cannière
The KAM theory of systems with short range interactions, II C. Eugene Wayne