Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an in-depth summary of the IMA's Thematic Program year. Read first-hand accounts from postdocs in residence, long-term visitors, and workshop organizers and participants. The report also highlights awards and accomplishments of the IMA community and important items of interest for our readers. Recent issues of the annual report are available in a downloadable format below.

2016-2017 Mathematics and Optics
2015-2016 Control Theory and its Applications
2014-2015 Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications
2013-2014 Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology 
2012-2013  Infinite Dimensional and Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Their Applications


Impacts, or research highlights, are brief, accessible research descriptions geared toward a general audience. They are a way of sharing the IMA’s achievements—and those of its visitors—with the community, building awareness and appreciation for applied mathematics. Sharing these outcomes with the community at large is a vital part of the IMA’s mission and gives visitors a glimpse into the cutting-edge research connected with and stemming from the IMA.

The IMA alumni website has also recorded the impact the IMA has had on the mathematical sciences community and the larger scientific and engineering communities through stories shared by IMA alumni.

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