Fall Data Science Thematic Program

locations forming a network across the Earth

The 2018 fall semester thematic program on data science will focus on the integration of data science with supply chain management. The activities will bring together academic researchers in data science and operations research and practitioners from industry to review progress, breakthroughs, promising approaches, and to forge new collaborations. This thematic program will promote the formation of an interdisciplinary research community on the frontier of supply chain management.

The program will start with a three-day workshop entitled Forging a New Discipline: Data-driven Supply Chain Management, held October 3-5, 2018, that aims to explore the avenues by which new methodologies and theories should be developed to push the frontier of data analytics specifically for supply chain management. While the first workshop seeks to identify tools for industry arising from the academic community, the second week-long workshop of the program, called From Theory to Practice: Data-driven Supply Chain Management and held December 3-7, 2018, will take the reverse approach, with discussions initiated by specific problems arising from industry.

This thematic program is part of the IMA Data Science Consortium, an initiative in partnership with Minnesota-based companies Target and Cargill to create a consortium that will address the mathematical foundations of data science and its applications.