IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications

The IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications is awarded annually to a mathematical scientist who received his/her Ph.D. degree within 10 years of the nomination year; for example, for nominations submitted in 2014, candidates should have received their degree in 2004 or later. This award recognizes an individual who has made a transformative impact on the mathematical sciences and their applications. This prize can recognize either a single notable achievement or acknowledge a body of work. Nominations of persons who have visited and conducted research at the IMA are especially encouraged.

The prize consists of a certificate and a cash award of $3,000. The prize is awarded at the opening of an IMA workshop and travel support is provided for the awardee to attend this meeting. The prize winner will be announced on the IMA website. Funding for the IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications is made possible by generous donations of friends of the IMA.

Prize Committee

The prize committee consists of five distinguished mathematical scientists who have a history of engagement with the IMA and is appointed by the IMA director in consultation with the IMA Board of Governors; the director designates the committee chair.

Committee members will serve two years with terms staggered so that two or three new members are appointed each year. Committee members may not be nominated during their term and cannot submit nominations. This award will be given to only one individual each year. The committee may elect not to make an award in a particular year if the nominations are not out-standing. Award decisions will require a unanimous vote by the committee. Committee members must declare conflicts of interest before the start of the selection process.

Prize History

2019 Jacob Bedrossian (University of Maryland)
2018 Anders Hansen (University of Cambridge)
2017 Jianfeng Lu (Duke University)
2016 Deanna Needell (Claremont McKenna College) and Rachel Ward (University of Texas at Austin)
2015 Jonathan Weare (University of Chicago)
2014 David Anderson (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

2019 Prize Committee

Radu Balan
Anton Leykin
Anna Mazzucato
Nilima Nigram
Bjorn Sandstede

Eligibility & Nominations

The prize is targeted for researchers early in their career. The prize may be awarded to any member of the scientific community who meets award criteria. The prize is typically awarded in the fall of each year. Nominations are sought in March with a deadline of the end of August. Nominations must include a letter of nomination, a current CV of the nominee, and two additional letters of support. Please use the link to submit your nomination.