Programs and Activities

The IMA hosts many programs and activities for the mathematical sciences community. Visitors can apply to participate in IMA programs and/or to visit the IMA for an extended period of time. In some cases, limited funding may be available.

Abel Conference

The IMA is pleased to host the Abel Conference in honor of the Abel Prize Laureate. In collaboration with the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, the conference is designed to showcase the scope and impact of the laureate’s work.

Annual Thematic Program

From September to June each year, the IMA explores a theme in applied mathematics through a series of tutorials, workshops, and seminars. The annual thematic program draws a large and diverse community of participants from academia, industry, and government.

Data Science

The IMA aims to serve as a center for mathematical knowledge and expertise in data science, as well as acting as a hub for collaboration between industrial and academic researchers. IMA data science activities will address the mathematical foundations of data science and its applications.

Hot Topics Workshops

Hot topics workshops provide the mathematics community with a mechanism for organizing workshops on rapidly developing areas of interests, gathering those with diverse backgrounds to strengthen interdisciplinary connections.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The IMA Postdoctoral Program was created to provide opportunities for recent Ph.D. scholars in mathematics and the sciences to pursue research involving applications of mathematics.

Public Lectures

The IMA Public Lecture Series features distinguished mathematicians and scientists who illuminate the role of mathematics in understanding our world and shaping our lives. These engaging and informative lectures are designed for a broad audience, appropriate for middle-school students and older.


The IMA offers a number of seminars designed to engage members of the mathematical community.

Special Workshops

The IMA occasionally hosts special workshops as needed covering specialized topics of interest to the community.