Computers and Systems

The IMA systems staff manages computing equipment, software, and support at the IMA.

  • Using the IMA Workstations - Computing Handout
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  • CS&E License Server - Status
  • Contact IMA Systems Office: or call us at (612) 624-4353

IMA systems and software

  • Mathematica, Matlab, Comsol, and Maple
  • LibreOffice and Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CUDA
  • Netgen/NGSolve, OpenFoam, and ParaView

High Performance Computing resources available include:

  • Titanium, a 16-core machine with 64GB of memory
  • Platinum, a 48-core machine with 128GB of memory and over 3TB of scratch space
  • Access to the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Audio/visual equipment

Our conference rooms (Keller Hall 3-180 and Lind 305) and Classroom (Lind 409) have video projectors and computers. Visitors are welcome to bring their own laptop for presentations. Keller Hall 3-180 and Lind 305 have cameras and recording equipment for live streaming and recording of presentations.